Stihl RE-120 Plus Pressure Washer
Stihl RE-120 Plus Pressure Washer
Stihl RE-120 Plus Pressure Washer
Stihl RE-120 Plus Pressure Washer

Stihl RE-120 Plus Pressure Washer

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Stihl RE-120 Plus Pressure Washer


Elevate your cleaning game with the Stihl RE-120 Plus Pressure Washer, a powerful and versatile tool designed to make cleaning tasks a breeze. Engineered for maximum efficiency and convenience, this pressure washer is the perfect solution for tackling dirt, grime, and stubborn stains, whether on your patio, driveway, vehicle, or outdoor surfaces.

With an impressive operating pressure of 125 bar and a maximum pressure of 160 bar, the Stihl RE-120 Plus ensures that no dirt stands a chance. Its high-pressure water stream effortlessly blasts away even the most stubborn residues, leaving surfaces looking spotless. The integrated 0.5-litre tank for cleaning agents, along with a dosage regulator, allows you to enhance cleaning effectiveness for those extra tough spots, while the quantity and pressure controls allow you for a precise clean to get the job done right first time. The integrated hose reel and park position make maneuvering and storing the RE-120 easy.

The telescopic handle and soft grip handle ensure ergonomic handling, reducing strain during extended cleaning sessions, while the folding side storage compartment, hose reel, and cable hook keep your accessories organized and within reach. The extra-long spray lance reaches high and low areas with ease, while the rotary nozzle and fan jet nozzle provide versatile cleaning options and with the quick-release coupling, switching between nozzles is quick and easy. The reinforced high-pressure hose ensures durability, and the cleaning agent spray set helps you achieve professional results at home.

Elevate your cleaning routine and achieve outstanding results with the Stihl RE-120 Plus Pressure Washer. Whether you're a homeowner or a professional, this robust and feature-packed tool will become your trusted companion for all your cleaning needs. Invest in the Stihl RE-120 Plus and experience cleaning like never before.

Technical Specifications

Operating pressure bar: 10-125bar

Maximum pressure bar: 160bar

Minimum water throughput: 400l/h

Maximum water throughput: 480l/h

Maximum water supply temperature: 40°C

Power cable length: 5m

High pressure hose length: 9m

Vibration level m/s²: 6m/s²

Rated voltage: 220=240V

Frequency: 50Hz

Power: 2.1kW


Telescopic handle

Folding side storage compartment

Pressure Gauge

Quantity & Pressure control

Reinforced High pressure hose

Intergrated 0.5-litre tank for cleaning agents

Dosage regulator

Extra Long Spray lance

Intergrated Hose reel

Cable hook

Quick release coupling

Rotary nozzle & fan jet nozzle included

Cleaning agent spray set included

Park position

Soft grip handle


Weight: 21.2kg

Warranty Information
  • 3 Year Domestic Warranty, 2 Year Professional Warranty